Tiny Friends Farm

Dear Friends, Family, and all Champions of high quality education,

Tiny Friends Farm is coming to Lee County in 2022. This is my dream venture in education, bringing to fruition all you have known me to espouse professionally and personally.

Our Mission for Quality Early Childhood Education

Delivering the very best in quality early childhood education; supporting the whole development of each child and honoring a genuine partnership with each family.

Ideal Teaching Environment

Providing teachers the ideal environment in which to arrive each day with an open heart, an engaged mind, and teach with JOY. We offer early childhood teachers living wages, supportive working conditions, and a collaborative environment because we know engaging days spent with remarkable educators is one of the most meaningful gifts we can give young children.

Sharing a Community

Sharing a community model for early childhood education that raises the bar and supplies families, teachers, student teachers, and the surrounding business community the vision for what “school” could and should look like for our youngest learners. We are committed to attracting community partners who also affect local early childhood education in meaningful ways.

Self-Regulation and Empathy

Intentionally fostering children’s development of self-regulation and empathy, traits researched as critical to later success. At Tiny Friends Farm, children will have daily opportunities to connect to the beauty of life all around them through interactions with plants and animals. Children’s behavior will be guided using the principles and strategies of the world renowned Conscious Discipline program.

Ways to Help

The Impact of Your Friendship on Our School

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Benefit the experience of the children and teachers and children from day one

Contributing to Our Projects

Contributing to our larger projects with a donation to PEEPS, a 501(c)(3) founded by like-minded early childhood educators

Investing in Our Mission

Please contact Jesyca Virnig, the CEO of Purpose SWFL, Inc. for an investor’s package at tinyfriendsfarm@gmail.com

Go Fund Me

Every $25 gifted here directly supports an hour of teacher time invested to establish this amazing environment and provide a top education model for young children.

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